Nur Ul Islam will seek to commemorate a multiple of occasions that are important in the Islamic Calendar.

Eid ul Fitr And Adhaa

The two Eids will be commemorated on the Nur Ul Islam premises. Provision is made for the praying of the Salaah. Safe parking is provided to those attending. Some snacks and food are provided.

Youman Nabi

Nur Ul Islam recognizes that commemorating the birth of the Prophet (SA) is a matter that has many different viewpoints amongst scholars that range from it being bida’ to that of it being recommended. There is also difference of opinion as to the exact date of the Prophet’s birth. Nur Ul Islam has adopted the position that it will use the opportunity to educate the community about the life of the Prophet (SA). This is the recommendation of such prominent scholars as Dr. Yusuf Al Qaradawi. While adopting this position, Nur Ul Islam also recognizes and respects the rights of others to have an alternate point of view and not to make this a source of contention and disunity. During this time, Nur Ul Islam will organize an educational lecture on some aspect of the life of the Prophet (SA) and invite members and their families. The program will culminate with food, socialization and discussion.


During this time effort will be made to educate the community by delivering Jumuáh khutbahs on the topic. From time to time, a specific lecture may be organized as part of the family night and this event discussed with the community as a way of educating them.

Days Of Zhul Hijjah

Members will be informed about the blessings of the first ten days of Zhul Hijjah and will be encouraged to do as much good deeds as possible. The Jumuáh khutbahs will also be use to provide education about the importance of these days.

Day of Ashuraa

Members will be reminded to fast on the 10th of Ashura and one other day before or after. Occasionally dinner may be organized for those who fasted on the day itself. The Jumuáh khutbah will be used as a way of reminding members of the importance of this day.