Fund Raising

Breakfast / Brunch

This program is a breakfast\brunch offering of several delicious dishes which include many Caribbean Favorites such as Doubles, Saltfish and Bake along with several other specialty meats, puris, rotis, vegetables and curries. The prices for the meals are inexpensive. The ambience of the spacious air conditioned hall with picnic tables provides a perfect place for your family to come, relax and enjoy a wonderful Sunday meal. It is also a time to socialize and get to know other members of the Community as well. This program is offered to the community on the last Sunday of the month. Sometimes it is usually postponed for various reasons so call ahead before you come.

Annual Fundraising Dinner

This is the main fundraising event of Nur Ul Islam. It is a joint event with the Nur Ul Islam Academy. The program includes a detailed report of all the work of Nur Ul Islam along with the coming projections for the future. Special guests relevant to the event’s theme are invited. It is the one program that should not be missed by members as it allows them to really get a clear picture of the future of the community.

Annual Bazaar

The Annual Bazaar is a joint fund raising event between the Nur Ul Islam masjid and the Nur Ul Islam Academy. It is intended to raise funds for both entities. A wide variety of foods, games and fun events are provided for the community. Bounce houses and other forms of entertainment are provided for the kids. It is an all-day event and a wonderful time for the community to meet fellow members is a cordial social atmosphere.

BBQ Events

From time to time a special BBQ event will be held to supplement funds when there is a shortfall. This event provides the community with sumptuous BBQ meals for a reasonable price. The community members can purchase and take away or eat on premises.