Social Welfare

Monthly Hamper Distribution

A fixed number of hampers are delivered monthly to those in need. The hampers consist mainly of grocery items such as rice, flour, peas, beans etc. Occasionally meat is also distributed with the hampers. The donation of these hampers come from some special sisters who belong to a variety of masjid communities. They have come together to do this project and Nur Ul Islam assists them to find those who are in need and facilitate the distribution of the items to them.

Medical Assistance

Nur Ul Islam will work with the Muslim Clinics and doctors to facilitate needy members in resolving their medical issues and concerns. This is done in a confidential manner.

General Counseling

Effort will be made to assist suffering members with mental health and relationship counseling services. The service will first seek to help members directly. In the event that the case is severe and requires a professional, Nur Ul Islam will seek to direct and connect the affected member with appropriate professionals. This is done by networking with other professionals both within and outside the community. In the event that the affected member is unable to offset expenses for such counseling, Nur Ul Islam will strive to assist financially as best as possible. It should be noted that all requests for counseling will be handled in a strict and confidential manner.

Visiting The Sick

It is the duty of a Muslim to visit a sick fellow Muslim. Once information is received of a sick member, arrangements will be made to visit that member and to make dua’ made for them. Such visits should be kept short as per the Sunnah. Also requests for dua’ by family members will be honored.

Women Shelter

It is recognized that one of the most difficult problems is the one faced by sisters who may lose their husbands (by divorce or death) and are left homeless with children. Nur Ul Islam will work with the local groups who are involved in providing women with short term shelter relief. It will provide the connection and follow up the cases to ensure a smooth resolution.

Legal Assistance

For members requiring legal assistance, Nur Ul Islam can be a last resort to assist. The service will seek to connect the needy member with members of Nur Ul Islam who are lawyers or with institutions that can advise and assist them with their issues.