Info / Communication

Literature Distribution

Qurán and other useful literature and CDs will be distributed for free based on availability. These can help members either get a better understanding of some aspect of the religion. There are some special packages for new Muslims or those desiring to make the hajj.

Robo Calls

Members are entitled to receive telephone calls updating them about various activities and upcoming events. Members who desire this service must submit their phone numbers and names. Of course the Facebook Page and Website are alternate sources for information about events as well.

Website And Facebook

Nur Ul Islam has an official website and Facebook page. All things related to Nur Ul Islam can be found on the website which is in constant state of upgrade and update. Members are encouraged to make suggestions as to how to make the site even better. The Facebook page will usually only contain information that is current and advertise events to be held in the near future.

Jumuáh Announcements

Events of both Nur Ul Islam and other groups will be done immediately following the Jumuáh Salaah. If there are too many announcements in a particular week, then some may be postponed for the following Jumuáh. All requests for announcements from other groups must be submitted by Thursday before Salatul Isha.