Members Services

Nur Ul Islam offers its members a variety of services. The word “services” is being used as a generic term to mean refer to all services, programs, events, facilities rental etc. Members are requested to make suggestions for additional services and also to give feedback regarding their experience in using a particular service. This will serve as a useful tool for our community to become better.

Sponsoring Services

Members are encouraged to sponsor services either partially or completely. This can be done by either giving of their time or money or help in networking or logistics.

Accessing Services

To access any of the various services, programs or facilities, a general form is available both on the Website and at the Nur Ul Islam office. Once this form is filled out and submitted, the person or institution will be contacted by the appropriate personnel or committee who will guide them through the next steps needed to expedite their request. Even though a determined effort will be made to fulfill all requests, the reality is that there may be times when Nur Ul Islam may not be able to do so. In such cases, a full explanation will be given to the member as to why the service request could not be fulfilled.

Services Not Listed

Should a member require a service that is not listed in the directory, they may still fill out the form and apply explaining what type of service they require. Every effort will be made to assist where possible.

Volunteer Services

Nur Ul Islam’s work is coordinated by elected officials but the bulk of the work is done by dedicated volunteers who sacrifice for the sake of Allah and give tirelessly of their time and wealth. These individuals recognize what it takes to build a successful community and they are willing and ready to respond to any and every challenge. If you desire to become a volunteer of Nur Ul Islam, then just fill out a Volunteer Form (copied from the Website or collect from the office) and submit same. An official of the Executive Committee will get back to you. Note also that students who require volunteer hours may also apply.