Family Matrimonial

Good communities are made up of good families and good families are created when righteous and suitable spouses find each other. Nur Ul Islam will facilitate this process for all members.

Finding Suitors

This service will assist those who are desirous of finding a spouse. Nur Ul Islam initially will collect some basic information about them and along with what kind of spouse they are looking for. This information will be used to network with other groups in a confidential manner. Once a potential match is found, Nur Ul Islam will facilitate the two parties to communicate and explore if they have indeed found their future spouse. Tips and advices will also be given upon request as to what kind of spouse one should preferably seek.

Pre-Marital Advices Class

Pre-marital advices will be conveyed to those members who request this service. This service will provide two potential couples with current, important information and tools as to what marriage is all about and how to make their marriage successful. The session usually lasts between two to three hours.


Nur Ul Islam will conduct nikaah services for members provided they have gone through the pre-marital advices session. Prior to acceptance of doing a nikaah service, a meeting will be held with both parties to discuss all aspects of the event. The main concern for Nur Ul Islam is to ensure the Islamic rules are followed and established. Requests for nikaah services must be done at least two months prior to the event.

Tips For Newly Weds

Nur Ul Islam will provide to newly married members a small booklet, upon request, called “Tips For Newly Weds”. This is a special publication designed to help those who just got married to navigate the early stages of their marriage. In order to minimize cost, this book may be sent in an Ebook format.

Marriage Counseling

Nur Ul Islam will facilitate counseling via its network for couples who need help over a rough patch in their marriage or require a more serious intervention. There may be a fee for this service. The sessions are professional and confidential.