Members Who Pass Away

Nur Ul Islam is set up to provide a full service to the families of deceased members as they attempt to fulfill the last rites to them.

Funeral Home Arrangements

Members who request will be assisted with arrangements at either the Fred Hunters Funeral Home or the Muslim Cemetery.

Use Of Masjid Facilities

The Masjid facilities may be used by members to make the Janazah Salaah. This is usually done in the compound just in front of the Masjid. If there is a serious rainfall, then the hall will be used as a backup. Nur Ul Islam has a portable microphone and will facilitate whatever is needed such as parking, to ensure the Janazah salaah is done in a proper and smooth manner. Members may also request the use of the masjid for the holding of any memorial program such as reading Quran etc.

Death Announcement

Family members of the deceased may request Nur Ul Islam to make robo calls to its members to announce the passing of a brother or sister along with details about Janazah, viewing and burial. There is no charge for this service and the family does not have to be a financial member of Nur Ul Islam to request this service.

Bathing Of The Deceased

It is encouraged that close members of the deceased should provide a proper bath to them. Nur Ul Islam will be available upon request to advise or assist the family in this important ritual.

Janazah Prayer

It is recommended that the close relatives of the deceased make the Janazah prayer for them. Nur Ul Islam can also facilitate the leading of the prayer itself upon request by the family.

Burial Arrangements

Nur Ul Islam can assist in the logistics of the burial arrangements if requested by the family. If the member’s family is unable to cover the full cost of the burial, Nur Ul Islam will determine if the case warrants assistance and will seek to assist as much as possible within its constraints.

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling to the members of deceased family will be provided to help them cope with their grief and loss. Nur Ul Islam will also seek to teach the family about what they can do for the deceased and what is the Islamic etiquette and mannerism when such tragedy befalls one.