Daily Salaah

All five daily Salaah are offered at Nur Ul Islam. The Imam and his assigned designees identify suitable personnel to either call the Adhaan or to lead the Salaah. No one should give the Adhaan or lead the Salaah unless the Imam or his assigned designees give them permission. In the event the Imam or his assigned designees are not present for some reason, then those who are present can assign someone from amongst themselves. Note that the Madrassah has been given permission for the Sunday Zuhr Salaah to assign who they see fit to give Adhaan and lead the Salaah. The Nur Ul Islam Academy has also been permitted to assign suitable personnel for the Zuhr Salaah from Monday to Thursday during school days sessions.


Zakaah is a pillar of Islam. In recognition of this Nur Ul Islam facilitates the collection, recording and distribution of Zakaah. To this end a great deal of effort has been placed on ensuring this service is done properly. A proper vetting system is in place to weed out fraudulent cases while at the same time making sure those who do deserve the Zakaah gets it. The priority for distribution will be to members of our community first. In cases where someone is in dire hardship but is not a member of Nur Ul Islam, efforts will be made to provide some temporary relief. Strict confidentiality is maintained regarding those who receive Zakaah.


Weekly Jumuáh service is provided. The khutbahs are rotated between the Imam and others. The topics are varied and seek to cover both current events and items of fiqh and seerah as well. The Khutbah starts at 1.30 pm and finishes at 2.00 pm. Announcements are made immediately after the Salaah. Food is provided for sale with proceeds going to the masjid’s expenses. The Jumuáh is prayed in the Nur Ul Islam Hall. The brothers pray in the front and the sisters pray at the back. Sisters are provided a choice to either be completely screened off or not.


Nur Ul Islam provides a full service to the community for Ramadan. During this time the venue is decorated, cleaned and made ready for the month.

Taraweeh Salaah

Twenty (20) rakaah Taraweeh Salaah is prayed during the month and at least two professional reciters of the Qurán are selected to carry out this noble task. The whole Qurán is recited during the month. Effort is also made to let those attending know what portions are being recited each night.

Iftar and Dinner

Free iftar and dinner is provided each night of Ramadan to the community. The costs of these meals are offset by generous donations from members of the community. A great deal of effort is expended to ensure the meals are Halaal, freshly cooked, delicious and in adequate quantity. Those desiring to sponsor a night’s meal or to donate should do so early as the slots fill out quickly.

Layla Tul Qadr

Islam encourages all Muslims to seek the night of Layla tul Qadr during the last ten nights of Ramadan. Nur Ul Islam will hold a special program on the 27th night where food and snacks will be prepared to facilitate members to stay overnight and do their íbadah. Suhoor (morning meal) will be provided to those staying the night. On the 27th night, the completion of the recitation of the Qurán will take place. Also there will be a short program letting the community know about the work of Nur Ul Islam. All effort will be made to provide an atmosphere for íbadah and dua’


During the last 10 days of Ramadan, it is recommended to make I’tikaah (seclusion in the masjid). This was a Sunnah of the Prophet (SA) and the community is held liable if at least one person does not perform this ritual. For those who decide to make I’tikaaf, Nur Ul Islam will provide them full support. This involves meals, privacy, accommodation etc.


Members who desire to make Hajj will be assisted and connected to a third party agency. Nur Ul Islam will assist them throughout the process. This will include education and training along with logistics.


Nur Ul Islam will recommend reliable and honest individuals and institutions who are involved in providing Qurbani services. The members are expected to make their own arrangements with these vendors and individuals.