Hall Rental

The hall is available for rent and can be sued to hold events such as weddings, seminars, dinners etc. Members get a special discount. The rental includes chairs and tables along with a stage. The hall does not offer cooking facilities but members can pay a small charge and cook at the patio section of the Masjid. In that area there is complete facilities and utensils for cooking. Those renting the hall can however avail themselves of the kitchen to keep food warm and to assist in serving of any meal.

Masjid Usage

Members can use the masjid for any special programs such as a class or to hold a mini seminar. All such use must be authorized. Also Nur Ul Islam will allow individuals to stay overnight based on specific conditions eg for Layla tul Qadr or a special night seminar or a visit from some travelling Muslims who has no place to stay for the night.